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Main Water Line Break Restoration in Shreveport & Greenwood, LA
A water main line is known as an underground pipe that transfers water from the nearest water source to your home's service pipe. But, what do you do when that pipe breaks? Contact the professionals from Putman Restoration to quickly put an end to the problem. We are a licensed, insured & BBB-Accredited water damage restoration company serving LA. Our team has the expertise to repair broken main water lines in the minimum time possible.
Due to the high pressures in the main water lines, the water flows out non-stop at a fast rate. And it will continue to do so until the problem is fixed. Fortunately, Putman Restoration is available 24/7 in Calhoun, Athens, Shreveport, Dubach, & other nearby areas throughout LA. We act promptly to repair, & restore the functional condition of the main water line. Call us at 318-453-5029 or click in contact now when you need our services.
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Common Causes of Main Water Line Break

A few common causes of main water line breaks are:
Corrosion: Minerals in the water and acidic levels in the soil have the potential to corrode pipes.
Shifting soil: When the ground moves and settles, it puts stress on the pipes underneath, eventually causing them to burst.
Clogs: Even though the main water line transports fresh water, it is still possible to clog due to rust, & corrosion build-up over time.
Material: Lead and galvanized pipes, which were often used for older main water lines, are notorious for cracking and bursting.

    Contact the Professionals ASAP to Restore The Broken Main Water Line Damage

    The IICRC-Certified specialists from Putman Restoration are standing by around the clock to help our customers at any hour of the day. In addition to broken main water line repair, we also offer superior water damage restoration services for:
    • Plumbing Leak Damage
    • Structural Damage
    • Floor Water Damage
    • Flood Damage & more
    Call us now at 318-453-5029 to bring the situation under control and repair the broken main line as soon as possible.