3 Signs of Water Damage to Look For In Your Home or Office

Other than the obvious signs of water damage like a recent flood or leak, people often ask “how can you tell if the property has water damage?”  If you spot water damage, you will want to find out why and what happened.  Maybe there’s a slow pipe leak in the walls.  Maybe there’s a little bit of roof damage.  Regardless of what happened, finding signs of water damage may not be a good thing.

Signs of Water Damage

3 Sure Signs of Water Damage

1) Visible Mold.  Water damage causes mold to grow on affected surfaces after 24 hours. With the hot and humid weather in Shreveport, mold is often a major problem if not dealt with in a timely manner.  Visible mold on the wall can also indicate hidden water damage inside the wall cavities.  It is always best to consult with a professional to find the root cause of water intrusion.
2) Brown Water Stains.  Water will leave walls and ceilings discolored and stained.  There may be hidden water intrusion issues if you see brown water stains on the ceiling or drywall.
3) Warped Floors. Vinyl, laminate and wood flooring will warp and expand as the materials absorb water.  Buckled floors and sagging floors also indicate that there has been water damage. Also consider that damage can involve the underlayment or subfloor.

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