Busted or Frozen Pipes? Call a Water Damage Expert

Frozen Pipes Can Lead to Costly Pipe Bursts.

Although the weather in Shreveport – Bossier can’t make up its mind yet, colder temperatures are on their way.   Unfortunately, colder weather causes water to expand as it freezes, which means weak metal or plastic pipes that aren’t insulated are more susceptible to bursting or leaking.  Generally, pipes that are located outside of the building insulation are most at risk of bursting.  Additionally, pipes in Busted and Frozen Pipesbasements, attics and crawl spaces are also prone to freezing.

In fact, the third largest cause of catastrophic losses are freezing weather and winter storms, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

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What Do You Do If You Have Busted, Frozen Pipes?

The first thing you should do is call your insurance company.  However, they may not always be available, as many pipes burst during the middle of the night when temperatures are prone to drop well below freezing.   The next best thing is to call a reputable water damage expert.


Heavy Duty Drying Equipment.  It takes quite a bit of equipment to dry a small area.  Professional water damage companies will have access to state-of-the-art drying equipment including dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, and water extractors.

Mold Growth.  It is crucial that all wet, affected materials are removed as soon as possible.  This will help prevent future mold growth.  Water damage experts will be able to identify affected materials and safely remove them from your home or office.  Did you know? Mold can begin to grow 24-48 hours following water intrusion.

Responsiveness.  Water damage experts expect to get calls during the night and on weekends, it is the nature of their business.  Tip: Research water damage experts ahead of time.  It never hurts to reach out to a company before you need them.  Ask about their certifications and about their process.

Professional network.  Believe it or not, the restoration industry is made up of all types of professionals.  A reputable water damage expert often works with industrial hygienists and third-party mold inspectors to ensure satisfactory indoor air quality in your home or office.

No one wants to have to deal with leaking pipes or pipes bursts during winter, but if you do…call a water damage expert.

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