Oh No! You Have a Roof Leak. Here Are 4 Things To Do Immediately.

A roof leak easily and quickly causes damage to the ceiling, flooring and walls.  Keep in mind, damage may not always be visible right away.  A leak could go on for decades and cause structural damage.

One of our clients recently bought a home and found severe damage behind the built-in cabinets and drywall.  While moving in, they noticed that the drywall on the ceiling kept getting lower and lower.  As soon as their hands touched the surface to see it if was wet, the soaked drywall came down.  Since they were going to remodel anyways, they decided to put on their masks and remove additional drywall. Eventually they had to remove a built-in corner cabinet and found severely damaged and rotted wood.  They said that you could see up into the attic through the top corner of the wall and then look down and see the ground.  The home is pier and beam, so the wood floors and sub-floor were rotted through.

Now, our clients leak had been going on for awhile.  That’s why it’s important to routine inspect your home for water damage, especially after strong thunderstorms.   If you suspect water intrusion, stop the source immediately.

So what do you do? It’s raining.  It’s the weekend. And you notice there is a roof leak in your dining room.

Four Things To Do When You Have a Roof Leak

  1. Prevent Further Damage. Place a bucket to collect dripping water until you can stop the leak.  This will prevent water from getting into the flooring.  Poke a whole in the bulging ceiling if needed.  If you notice that the ceiling is dipping and looks full of water, go ahead and poke a hole.  Make sure to have plastic covering the floor and surrounding furniture and a large bucket near by.  The hole will allow the water to drain instead of soaking further into the drywall.
  2. Investigate the Attic. The easiest way to find the source of a leak is to look for daylight shining through the roof.
  3. Safely Get On The Roof.  Wait till the rain and storms have stopped.  Wear shoes with good grip and safely get on the roof.  Place and secure poly or a tarp over damaged areas. Clear away leaves and debris.  Also, make sure to remove leaves from clogged gutters. Safety Tip: Do not get on the roof alone. Always have another person there to call 911 if needed.
  4. Remove the Water. Remove standing water as soon as you discover the leak.

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